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Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS)

We at GSK Feeds are into Feed Ingredient's trade, Premium Suppliers of DDGS in Bulk quantities throughout India.

DDGS is a by product of Ethanol extraction process, to simplify technically Distilling ethanol from yeast Fermentation of grains like Maize and Rice.

DDGS is fascinating product consisting of nutrients essential for healthy and fast growth.

Value Added Features of DDGS

  • Primary source of Energy
  • Secondary source of Protein
  • High Phosphorus Value

We offer Quality DDGS products to various feed industry like Dairy cows/Poultry/ Fish/Aqua/ Swine. DDGS as feed for live stock due to high content of protein and energy . It is high Digestible Fiber source and highly palatable.

Recommended Dietary inclusion of DDGS:


Upto 20% ( Layers); 5% - 12% (Broilers). Incremental dosages beyond 5% not recommended owing to high sodium.

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It is recommended feed at upto 20% of ration on a dry matter basis.

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Ask your consultant doctor to determine the right proportion of DDGS in feed mixing.


Generally it is golden yellow if it is Corn based DDGS and brown / coffee colour when made from Rice. Both have similar nutrients. Variation in colour is no indicator for usefulness both contains carbohydrates as specified.

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Storage Method

Store in Silos and to be protected from the weather. DDGS up to 10-12% moisture levels is recommended. High moisture like 15% may attract mycotoxins.

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Feed Management System

DDGS - Feed management system : In combination with other feeds like soya, maize, rapseed, maize gluten,DDGS also valued as excellent source of nutritional formulation.

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